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THE AMAZING AND ALARMING REALITY OF CHATGPT AI TECHNOLOGY – Is Google Now Obsolete along with College Term Papers?

The development of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies has led to advancements in many fields, including the technology industry.

Forbes: 10 Steps Companies Should Take To Survive A Social Media Crisis

In the age of digital communication, the risk that companies and organizations will suffer a social media attack or accusation and its effects is real …

Total Prestige Magazine

An early pioneer of the mobile telecommunications revolution, Michele Merrell’s career has witnessed the explosive growth of telecommunications in the 1990s to..

The Mobile Century: Why We Must End the Worldwide Digital Divide

If there is any lesson we have learned from the pandemic, it is that the full-speed digitization of society is here to stay, and that all people – regardless of ethnicity, geography, or income..

Forbes: How To Foster Civil Conversations In The Workplace

Gone are the days when you could have an innocuous chat around the office Keurig machine. These days, any such conversation is rife with social and political landmines as we wake up each morning in a..

The Mobile Century: Life and Work in the Digital Era

e-Security: Why We Need New Defenses and New Skills

For all the benefits of the fourth industrial revolution, the age of the Internet and big data, most of us are faced with an inability to adequately prevent eSecurity breaches that seem to occur on a daily basis,..

The Mobile Century: Life and Work in the Digital Era

The Global Perspective: United States

As we convene for the 2015 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, we once again meet at an extraordinary time in the mobile industry. Technology that was once seen as only science fiction..